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Cloud 9 Spine Case Studies

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the Problem

Poor Posture

Mike spent the last 15 years working at a computer suffering from severe pain in his lower back.

Age: 38


  • lower back pain
  • numbness in leg

Disc Degeneration

Barbara has been experiencing back pain for many years, even though she has tried a variety of treatments.

Age: 74


  • severe back pain when bending over

Car Accident

Jessica was in a car accident, which resulted in a serious neck injury. She couldn't afford to miss work and needed help fast!

Age: 24


  • neck stiffness
  • pain radiating down arm

Spine Stress

Joe has worked on his feet as a mechanic for years. He has difficulty standing all day because of the weakness in his legs and lower back pain.

Age: 49


  • weakness in legs when lifting heavy objects

the Cloud 9 Spine Solution

Mike called Cloud 9 Spine to find a leading orthopedic surgeon and within 2 weeks, underwent minimally invasive spine surgery. He was back at work 3 days later and has been living without back pain ever since.

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Barbara completed a pain test and discovered her problems were related to spine degeneration. After Cloud 9 Spine provided treatment guidance, she was able to get her life back.

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Jessica needed help quickly, so she booked a free consultation with a fully trained Spine Care Counselor. With the help of priority scheduling, Cloud 9 Spine was able to schedule Jessica's treatment right away.

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Joe filled out his Pain Journal outlining his symptoms and possible causes for his pain. His confidential history was sent to the selected spine specialist before the appointment. Now, Joe is back on his feet, stronger than ever!

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Revolutionizing Spine Care

For nearly a decade, the founders of Cloud 9 Spine have worked with a variety of independent spine specialists, doctors and institutes across the nation. During that time, we have helped introduce specialists to 100,000 + potential patients.
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