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Cloud 9 Spine was created to help bridge the gap between the patient and finding a qualified doctor available to treat their ailment.

Cloud 9 Spine was created to help bridge the gap between the patient and finding a qualified doctor available to treat their ailment. The difference between a successful pursuit and complete frustration is a personal guide to help someone through an otherwise potentially confusing internet world of self-research. If the user of the Cloud 9 Spine website has a condition and is searching for a qualified doctor that treats that condition in their area we simply expedite their pursuit with a viable answer.

Our selection process is the key to finding the best spine specialists for the Cloud 9 Spine database. We perform background screenings and have a company policy that requires every spine specialist to accept our Cloud 9 Spine Code of Ethics, which states the values behind a commitment to put their patients first. The Cloud 9 Spine website and its patient-to-doctor navigation guides are diligent, created through experience, and assist in the attention needed in finding the doctor that is right for the user. In addition, we can also provide a personal Cloud 9 Spine care counselor to help guide them through the process should they need further assistance.

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Cloud 9 Spine Code of Ethics

The statutes and the common laws of each state, which require certain standards of conduct for each respective medical profession, are to be recognized first and foremost. The Cloud 9 Spine Code of Ethics is intended to provide further guidance with respect to those legal standards.

Cloud 9 Spine Code of Ethics (CS9-CE) establishes a minimum set of standards pertaining to acceptable conduct for orthopaedic doctors and all professionals that participant in any part of the Cloud 9 Spine service experience. Violations of any CS9-CE may result in professional compliance requests or withdrawal actions against a member found in violation.

As professionals with specialized knowledge regarding back and spine treatment, including orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, pain management therapists, physical therapists or any other medical professional, each holds a unique position of trust with its patients, potential patients, fellow specialists, and the Cloud 9 Spine care team. We ask that the medical professionals joining our service process represent Cloud 9 Spine in a manner that subordinates their own interests in favor of the Cloud 9 Spine user’s best interests and hold themselves to high ethical and moral standards. We ask that all clients are treated with compassion, empathy, honesty and integrity. The spine professional should make the patient the primary responsibility, during the caring for and treating of any patient. Furthermore, the spine specialist should promote the development and utilization of a superior health care team that will work together to provide the best plan of care.

And lastly, the spine specialist shall treat patients equally and shall not decline to accept patients solely on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national origin. A spine specialist shall conduct himself or herself in a professional manner in any interactions with Cloud 9 Spine clients or the Cloud 9 Spine team.

In conclusion, with our Code of Ethics it is our intention is to establish a level of care that is expected when the connection is made between the Cloud 9 Spine user and the medical professional. Violations of these minimum standards may serve as grounds for a formal complaint to, or by, Cloud 9 Spine. These standards apply to all Cloud 9 Spine professional members.

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