Overview of Bursitis

This condition describes inflammation in one or more of the bursa caused by an injury, infection, or an underlying arthritic condition. Your bursa is a small fluid filled sac providing some needed cushion between your bones and tendons, or muscles around a joint. When you have bursitis this causes the movement of the muscles and tendons that glide over the bursa to become very painful.

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Determining Whether or Not You Suffer From Bursitis

Following a carefully developed process, Cloud 9 Spine is able to assist our clients in finding them the right treatment path for relief of their back or neck pain. Together with the experience of working with of some of the top rated spine specialists, Cloud 9 Spine has developed online analysis test and tools that assist in gathering information for the doctors taking part in our program. The information helps to determine what condition you may suffer from and what treatment approach would best help you.

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Some clients may already know what condition they suffer from, while others are unaware of what is causing their pain. We encourage every client of ours to try our online tools and take advantage of our free phone consultation with one our Cloud 9 spine team members. Our priority scheduling service ensures that your phone appointment will be set up at a time that is most convenient for you.

The doctors and specialists that take part in the Cloud 9 Spine program are committed to providing every one of our clients the best advice and direction possible. If for any reason during your free evaluation the doctor feels that you need to be referred to a different treatment specialist, they will contact Cloud 9 Spine to notify your Spine Care Counselor who will schedule you a new appointment to your preference.

How can Cloud 9 Spine help me if I have Bursitis?

Our program is based on 3 easy steps. First, you'll tell us a little about your pain and it's history. Then, we help you find certified local doctor that matches your personal preferences. Finally, we assist you in setting up a consultation or office visit. Our clients can trust that the team behind Cloud 9 Spine will help find the right specialist for the treatment they need.

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We are spine industry experts who counsel our clients and help them find appropriate treatment from the best spine specialists. With the combination of proprietary technology coupled with our staff of Spine Care Counselors, we provide the highest level of service to each one of our clients.

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