Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common causes for lower back pain in America. Although the name of the condition implies that it is a disease, it isn’t. A degenerative disc is a process of aging where the disc naturally degenerates with pressure over time. The process usually begins with repeated daily stressors to the spine, minor injuries that add up over time or a single larger injury sustained in the late 20’s or early 30’s age group. The affected disc continues to cause painful flare ups over time until the disc dries up, weakens and eventually forms a fusion within the spine decreasing flexibility.

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Determining whether or not you suffer From Degenerative Disc Disease

By following a carefully engineered process, Cloud 9 Spine is able to assist our clients in finding the treatment path that will provide them with the with the greatest chance of relieving their chronic neck and back pain. Working with some of the best surgeons in spine medicine in the US for the past several years, Cloud 9 Spine has developed online tools that assist in gathering the information required for the spine specialists participating in the Cloud 9 Program to help determine what condition is affecting your spine and what treatment approach would help you best.

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Whether or not you have seen a medical professional for an evaluation of your condition, we encourage our clients to use our online tools and take advantage of a free phone consultation from a counselor within the Cloud 9 Spine program if they are seeking additional help for their neck or back condition. With the Cloud 9 Spine priority scheduling service, you can be assured that your phone appointment will be scheduled for you at a time most convenient for you.

Every single doctor or specialist that takes part in the Cloud 9 Spine program is committed to providing Cloud 9 Spine clients with the best advice available. During your initial free evaluation, if for any reason the doctor believes you need to be referred to another treatment specialist, they will contact Cloud 9 Spine and your Spine Care Counselor will schedule a new appointment.

How can Cloud 9 Spine help me if I have Degenerative Disc Disease?

Our program is based on 3 easy steps. First, you'll tell us a little about your pain and it's history. Then, we help you find certified local doctor that matches your personal preferences. Finally, we assist you in setting up a consultation or office visit. Our clients can trust that the team behind Cloud 9 Spine will help find the right specialist for the treatment they need.

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We are spine industry experts who counsel our clients and help them find appropriate treatment from the best spine specialists. With the combination of proprietary technology coupled with our staff of Spine Care Counselors, we provide the highest level of service to each one of our clients.

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