Why Choose Us?

why choose us

Cloud 9 Spine offers a free service, helping people find reputable local spine specialists and the best treatment options for back and neck pain.

Working with Cloud 9 Spine versus Finding Treatment on Your Own

Finding a local Specialist

receive free help
do your own research

Scheduling an Appointment

gain access to priority scheduling
don't wait for an appointment

Save Time

save time and money
spend too much time

Treatment Providers

our success rates
are you still in pain

Additional Benefits

of Cloud 9 Spine

Personal Care

A Spine Care Counselor will help you every step of the process.


With our preference forms we can help match you with a specialist that accepts your insurance.


We will follow up with you after treatment to ensure satisfaction.

So what does Cloud 9 Spine do?

We have a staff of trained medical Care Counselors who work with our clients, matching them with reputable spine specialists.


We help people suffering from back or neck pain.

We are spine industry experts who counsel our clients and help them find appropriate treatment from the best spine specialists. With the combination of proprietary technology coupled with our staff of Spine Care Counselors, we provide the highest level of service to each one of our clients.

We've helped thousands of people find back pain relief. Now it's your turn